Festival Cooler

  • The first ecological cooler for camping, festivals and leisure, specially designed for outdoor use

  • Our promise: 4 days of chilled food without electricity or other aids

  • Extra long cooling time due to our paperfloc technology made from recycled waste paper

  • Available in 2 different sizes (Festival Cooler 55l, Festival Cooler Mini 35l)

  • Incl. 9x 1.200g easyAkku

  • Waterproof foil hood over the outer carton

New: improved inner carton!

How does it work?

The unique combination of our Festival Cooler with the approved easyAkku cold packs provides 100 hours of refrigeration. Keeping your food cold significantly longer than any other comparable product. The insulating effect is created by our own paperfloc technology. The special feature: Our insulation material is recycled waste paper


  • The perfect cold pack for camping, festivals and recreation

  • Developed especially for outdoor use

  • Excellent cooling properties and a particularly long cooling time due to the use of a special cooling gel

  • Keeps your food and beverages cold up to 3 times longer than conventional cold packs

  • Available in four different sizes (easyAkku 220geasyAkku 440geasyAkku 660geasyAkku 1,200g)

  • Without toxic ingredients

  • Reusable due to the use of a robust PE foil

Customer Voice

Never before has a piece of cardboard been able to surprise me so much. 5 days of cold drinks. Very handy and easy to store in the car. When I bought this thing, my wife almost wanted to get divorced and thought I was crazy. Now we buy a second for next year ;)”

Florian T.
Amazon Customer