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Shipping cool goods has never been that easy. The easy2cool paperfloc shipping systems are new and innovative insulated packaging for shipment of fresh or deep-frozen food. Our insulated bags and insulated boxes (cardboard boxes) are made from 100% recyclable materials and can be disposed of as a whole in the paper waste.

In addition, our easyAkku cold packs, which were specially developed for shipping food items, ensure that your goods remain chilled and fresh for a very long time. Convince yourself of our easy and efficient concept!

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paperfloc Recycling

paperfloc Systems

  • Climate-neutral insulating packaging made from recycled waste paper 
  • High insulating effect, high shock absorption 
  • Safe for use with food 
  • Save up to 70% of the costs in the Dual System compared to a polystyrene box 
  • Space-saving delivery & storage 
  • Flexible order picking 
  • Our paperfloc insulating elements can be disposed in the paper waste 
  • Awarded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as “ZIM Cooperation Project of the Year 2021” 

paperfloc Systems

Ecological insulating mats for fresh food and more! 

  • Includes two insulating liner and one shipping box
  • Available in four different sizes

paperfloc Pouch Systems

Ecological insulating pouches for fresh food and more! 

  • Includes one insulating bag and one shipping box
  • Available in four different sizes


  • The cooling packaging with integrated insulating elements, developed in cooperation with THIMM The Highpack Group, guarantees quick and easy assembly. 
  • The insulated box is delivered as a flat blank, reducing the transport and storage volume.
  • The base and lid of the sustainable insulated box are constructed identically, resulting in quick and easy assembly. 
  • Paperfloc insulation liner are glued to the corrugated cardboard. They are PE coated (under 5% PE coating), protect against heat and prevent condensation from leaking from the interior. 

New perspectives for online food trade with insulating cool box! 

  • Sustainable shipping box with integrated paperfloc insulating elements
  • Reliable shipping of refrigerated products below 7°C or frozen products down to -18°C for up to 48 hours 
  • Safe for use with food
  • Use with water-based easyAkku cooling elements or dry ice 
  • For an appealing packaging design, the insulated box can be individually printed in digital print 
  • Space-saving delivery and storage as well as quick and easy assembly 
  • 100% recyclability in the paper waste system 

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Cooling media

  • EasyAkku is the perfect cold pack for shipment of fresh food and other goods.
  • It possesses excellent cooling properties due to its special gel filling.
  • The thin outer skin of the cold pack consists of only one component, making it 100% recyclable. 

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The perfect cold shipping pack for food & more! 

  • Excellent cooling properties and a particularly long cooling time due to the use of special cooling gel 
  • Without toxic ingredients 
  • Multiple use of the cooling elements possible 
  • Available in different standard versions:  
    • easyAkku Fresh (220g to 1.200g) 
    • easyAkku Freeze (500g/1000g) – designed especially for the shipment of frozen goods 
    • easyAkku Green (500g/1000g) – excellent cooling properties without chemicals, preservatives and other additives 
  • Cooling elements can be customised
    (size, colour, contents and layout/printing) 
  • Easy disposal in household waste

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Dryice extender

Insulating bags for dry ice made of recycled paper! 

  • Reduces the required amount of dry ice up to 60% 
  • Protects consumers from cryogenic burns 
  • Insulation layer designed for optimal emission of cold 
  • Significantly reduced condensation 
  • 100% natural product 
  • Insulation layer consists of waste paper 
  • 100% recyclability in the existing waste management system 

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Customer voices:

“We spent a long time researching sustainable and ecological packaging for our frozen kukki cocktails. Paperfloc has exceeded our expectations. Our products arrive safely and, above all, always frozen to our customers. The innovative concept makes Paperfloc very space-saving, which is another advantage given our high demand for insulation material. With Paperfloc we can do our part to make the shipping of our product as sustainable as possible and thus maintain our standard.

kukki GmbH

“Sustainability play a major role for all our delicacies. It would be inconsistent to ignore sustainable aspects when it comes to packaging. Also regarding to packaging it’s all about responsibility and positive emotions. When you unpack premium goods from premium and recyclable packaging, you enjoy it with an even better feeling.“

HEINE Delikatessen GmbH & Co. KG

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paperfloc – the environmentally friendly insulating packaging for fresh food and more.

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    Can I dispose of the paperfloc insulations as a whole in the paper waste?

    Yes, the paperfloc liner have been tested and can be disposed of in the blue bin (waste paper type 5.01) according to DIN EN 643. 

    Can I use the paperfloc insulations several times? 

    No, paperfloc is a disposable product which is supposed to be returned into the recycling circuit. 

    Can I send the paperfloc pouch without a shipping box? 

    This is not possible due to the regulations of the shipping service providers. 

    How do I seal the paperfloc pouch? 

    We recommend sealing the paperfloc pouch with our freshness seals. Please contact us for more information. 

    How long do the paperfloc systems keep the goods cold? 

    Our systems are designed for a shipping time of 48 hours at a maximum temperature of 8° C inside the package. This applies in combination with the specified number of easyAkku cold packs. 

    How long does it take until the easyAkku cold packs are completely frozen? 

    Single easyAkkus require 2-4 days (depending on the design of the freezer). Entire pallets take up to 2 weeks to freeze completely. 

    Can I use the paperfloc systems to ship frozen goods? 

    Yes, depending on the shipping time, you need dry ice or our easyAkku Freeze as a cooling medium.